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Preparing for a new baby is exciting and stressful. As soon-to-be new mothers, we create baby registries, read books, and take hospital tours and birthing classes. Most of our focus is on getting everything baby will need and preparing for labor.

But there's a crucial component missing from our preparation, and it's not our fault. New moms just don't know about it yet...postnatal care for ourselves. We've all heard about labor, but...


Wondering what we *really* want for Christmas? I asked over 200+ mamas to share their top holiday wishes. Here you go!

Common themes:

  • Kid-free time with our spouse
  • Relaxation / pampering / solo time
  • Staple clothes (new jeans, bras, workout gear)

Specific suggestions:


Practicing self-care is one of the best ways to stay well and feel joyful during times of stress. Here are some fun, easy, and festive ideas to get you in the mood for taking care of YOU.

1. Go on a date night! Do some no-pressure window shopping at the mall (window displays are so gorgeous this time of year!) followed by dinner or a movie. Take a walk or drive with your significant other look at holiday lights with a...



These words keep swimming around in my head. They are everywhere you look these days. On signs, on television, on social media. They are the perfect photos; the family gathered around the dinner table; the sweet kids' love notes. When I think about it, though, our health, our children, our friends... these are all things that we can be thankful for, but sometimes these somewhat global things can...


Watch our "Chief Mama Officer" on Spectrum News share her Top 5 Tips for Staying on Track During the Holidays!


It starts at the end of October with Halloween and a few "fun sized" chocolate bars. Then Daylight Savings arrives in early November, bringing later sunrises and earlier sunsets. By Thanksgiving, you may drive to and from work in the dark, which can really demotivate your best intentions to workout. Enter Thanksgiving feasts, holiday cookies and cocktails, Christmas meals, a New Year's party (or two), and...BAM! All your hard work in the fall...


FIT4MOM is a lifestyle. Sure, moms show up for the workouts, but they also show up for the camaraderie. Our very own Stroller Strides mama Callie Tramantano describes the FIT4MOM village perfectly -- “Everyone is in the same boat as you. Everyone has kids, everyone has things going on. You all have goals and show up and give the best that you can give, and if that means you’re holding your toddler the whole time, then it is...


A little girl, just shy of three years, is sitting on the floor playing with her infant brother. Her older brother is sitting on the other side of the room doing his first grade homework. No one else is home.

A knock at the door. The oldest child answers to find two Social Workers and a Police Officer. The Social Worker tells the children they are going to take them to a safe place and the children are placed into the police car and...


Body Back seemed intimidating to an out of shape 40+ overweight Momma of two girls. I mean I couldn’t do a burpee and believe me I have witnesses from a class I took… I couldn’t do a push up or hold a plank… Sit ups were only something I remember doing back in high school, and the horrible memory of running a mile to graduate high school was still etched in my head. “I can’t do that,” I thought. I have always been overweight; my boobs have...


Ah, September. The air is getting cooler, the sky a bit more grey, the leaves are cascading down from tired branches above, and us mamas are fervently searching for our favorite apple spice (or perhaps pumpkin pie?) Yankee Candle to place atop the mantle. Yes, my friends, Autumn is coming.

School has started, vacations are winding down, and it's generally a pretty stressful time as families shift into new schedules and routines. Moms...


Back-to-school is no joke, mamas. Between the school supply lists, the countless loads of laundry (that just never seem to fold and put themselves away...), and finding the perfect backpack, school lunch ideas for our kiddos are often an afterthought. Sure, you knocked it out of the park when you found a lunchbox to match that perfect backpack, but now you need to fill it!

Prep ahead by thinking of your child's...

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Our "Chief Mama Officer" Amy Rosso was interviewed on Spectrum News to talk about ways to incorporate mom's well-being into back to school planning! Watch the clip!

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On Saturday, June 24th, held our 1st annual Climb Out of the Darkness hike with 80+ mothers, fathers, friends, neighbors, grandparents, kids, & babies gathered together to raise awareness for maternal and paternal mental health. Together we raised $1,620+ for PSI-NC (Postpartum Support International of North Carolina) &...

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Go Ask Mom highlights FIT4MOM programs and expansion in the Triangle and recognizes the newest franchise: FIT4MOM Chapel Hill!