Welcome to FIT4MOM Chapel Hill!

FIT4MOM® is the country's largest fitness program for moms offering pre and post-natal fitness classes for every stage of motherhood. We are so much more than a baby bootcamp. Come see how we are helping to give moms the "Strength in Motherhood!"

Helping YOU to make strides in fitness, motherhood, and life!

Our Values:

  • We will help moms achieve their ultimate potential, both physically and emotionally.
  • We will offer support and education for moms.
  • We will inspire moms to reach optimal health and well being.
  • We will inspire children to emulate their moms and make fitness a part of their lives.

Our Commitment to Community:

Our Village Moms Club offers weekly children playgroups, monthly Moms Night Out, family activities, community events and quarterly Moms on a Mission events throughout the country. Each club educates, empowers and supports mothers on important issues facing our children and our families.

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What's your "Why"?

Check out what kids learn from their FIT4MOM mamas!