Sarah Shore

Instructor, FIT4MOM Chapel Hill

Originally from outside Winston-Salem, Sarah took ballet classes throughout her childhood and planned to major in dance in college. It wasn't in the cards (or her feet) to become a dance teacher, so she studied Political Science and Communication at Appalachian State University. After graduating, Sarah worked for a small marketing firm and fell in love with the idea of working behind the scenes in arts. She earned her Masters degree in Arts Administration from Boston University and worked for a local arts council. While pregnant with her son, Ernie, Sarah Googled all new mommy things and found FIT4MOM Chapel Hill! Once Ernie made his dramatic entrance into the word, Sarah decided that being home with him would be best for her family. Luckily, she has an amazing community to rely on through FIT4MOM to keep her active and out of the house!

Tuesday – February 26, 2019


Thursday – February 28, 2019