Kelsi Wilson

"Moms on a Mission" Coordinator, FIT4MOM® Chapel Hill

Originally from North Carolina, Kelsi graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor in Social Work degree which required over 600 hours of internship and volunteer hours. She had experiences that pushed her out of her comfort zone, met incredible people and learned so much from their diverse perspectives. One internship was working under the North Carolina Social Work Director of Advocacy where she learned the importance of one strong voice. She then earned her Masters of Social Work Degree from East Carolina University where her studies were focused in clinical therapy for survivors of childhood trauma.

After University, Kelsi moved from Raleigh to 5 acres in Pittsboro with her husband, Dylan. They raised chickens, bees and found a passion for growing and preserving their own food. After five long and difficult years of trying to start their family, they welcomed a healthy baby boy, Garrett, to the farm in 2013.

In 2015, Kelsi and family moved to Chapel Hill where she stays at home raising their son. She is an active board member for a local preschool and dessert baker for Meals on Wheels. Kelsi is always looking for ways to incorporate service and volunteer opportunities for herself, friends and especially for kids. In her role as our "Moms on a Mission" Coordinator, Kelsi organizes and inspires members to participate in quarterly activities focused on giving back to children, families and the environment.

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Saturday – February 23, 2019