Moms on a Mission: Backpacks for Foster Children

A little girl, just shy of three years, is sitting on the floor playing with her infant brother. Her older brother is sitting on the other side of the room doing his first grade homework. No one else is home.

A knock at the door. The oldest child answers to find two Social Workers and a Police Officer. The Social Worker tells the children they are going to take them to a safe place and the children are placed into the police car and leave their home. They are physically safe, but suddenly they are in a home with strangers. It is all foreign to them, unfamiliar and scary.

As a Social Worker and volunteer with the Guardian ad Litem program, I have witnessed, firsthand, heart-wrenching moments like this one. Now as a mother, I reflect on many of my cases with a new perspective. Whenever I am packing for a trip with my family, even just a night away, I literally pack #allthethings for my little one. Sound machine, his favorite pillow, blanket, stuffed animal(s), pajamas, water cup, and even a fun new toothbrush. All the things that will bring him a sense of comfort in an unfamiliar environment. It is during these times I think about this family and all the children like them. Removed from their homes, being separated from their parents because their parents are unable or unwilling to provide adequate protection or care.

This September, Moms on a Mission is joining together with the Chatham County Department of Social Services in hopes to provide backpacks filled with essentials and items to bring comfort to these children as they enter into their first night in foster care.

There are two ways you can help!

(1) Purchase a virtual backpack (or more!). Valued at $40 each. For each backpack you would like to donate, $40 can be sent via Google Wallet to Kelsi Wilson at kelsi.wilson@gmail.com. Each backpack will include the following: Pajamas, toothbrush/paste, blanket, underwear/training pants/diapers, socks, shoes, wipes or face wipes, age-appropriate stuffed animal/book/game, water cup/bottles.

(2) Join your FIT4MOM Village for a Moms on a Mission (with Mimosas) Brunch on Saturday, September 30th at 11:30am. We will pack and label all the backpacks purchased.

Join us in providing a little bit of love to these children in our community this month!