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Stroller Strides Testimonials

"Where has Stroller Strides been all my life?! I never felt like I was getting the best overall workout at a gym and the smells kept me away; Stroller Strides has every muscle moving and working and I'm breathing fresh air. I leave feeling refreshed and yes, sore, but I feel so good afterwards. I love that my child is with me and watching me and the other moms workout, she's learning a lot about exercise and empowerment- so am I." ~ D'Arcy , March 2015 (FIT4MOM client since March 2015)

"I always thought I'd never want to do a "mom"exercise class especially with my kids in tow. In fact, I said before that I didn't want a double stroller because I wanted exercise to be my time and I certainly didn't want to bring 2 kids along. I'm loving that mom exercise class and I'm really enjoying bringing my kids along! It's so nice to be around other moms who just get it. Amy, thanks for bringing such an awesome program to our community and cultivating such a wonderful, supportive group of women. I'm sure you don't always feel like it but your motivating spirit is always appreciated! I love that you are funny, real, and consistently provide a tough workout! Being outside is just icing on the cake. Glad I started coming on maternity leave and look forward to all the classes in the future. Thanks for all you do!" ~ Rachel, Nov. 2015 (FIT4MOM client since October 2015)

"This is a great class! It is a true workout, led by an enthusiastic and motivational woman, Amy Rosso. I highly recommend it!" ~ Julie, March 2015 (FIT4MOM client since March 2015)