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Instructor & Franchisee of the Year

FIT4MOM National 2015 Award Nominations

"Amy is one of the most motivating and positive women I have ever met. Her energy is contagious! She makes every member of the class push themselves with her encouragement and support. She has made me want to work harder and continually strive to improve my fitness. I credit Amy to getting me back in running shape and 5lbs below where I was when I got pregnant. Amy truly cares about each and every Mom (and their kids) in her class." ~ Julia, August 2015 (FIT4MOM client since March 2015)

"Amy began as my Stroller Strides instructor and helped me to go from a couch surfer to active again. When I struggled with NC temps and humidity, we began doing personal training sessions and Amy has made such an absolute difference for me. Physically, I've seen and felt the changes in my body, but mentally, she's helped me to regain my strong, empowered attitude and lifted my spirits all around. Her positive attitude and welcoming spirit is intoxicating - it makes you want to go workout." ~ Jennine, August 2015 (FIT4MOM client since March 2015)

"She is a phenomenal leader. Her workouts are fantastic - I've noticed a difference already. She is kind and caring and leads by example. A born leader. I can't say enough great things about her. She is enthusiastic - you want to do better cause she spends time showing you how you can help yourself." ~ Anonymous"Amy is an amazing owner, instructor, motivator, and friend to everyone who attends her classes and events. She's always quick to give a hug hello to both me and my kids, and has personally helped me deal with a difficult bout of postpartum depression. Even though she's still in her first year of operation, she has brought a huge sense of community and connection to the moms of Chapel Hill. I can't think of someone who deserves this recognition more." ~ Dawn, July 2015 (FIT4MOM client March 2015 - August 2015; FIT4MOM instructor August 2015 - present)

"Amy is a very warm and caring person. She is also a great role model as some one who takes great care of herself and her family. She has brought together and motivated a community of women to do the same." ~ Anonymous, July 2015

"Amy's boundless enthusiasm and motivation make early morning hot workouts something to look forward to. I've been in her class since it started and watched it grow tremendously!" ~ Anonymous, July 2015