FIT4MOM Chapel Hill Personal Sessions

"I recommend Personal Sessions to anyone and everyone"

Jennine, FIT4MOM client since March 2015

"Having gained a substantial amount of weight during my pregnancy, I have struggled for the past two years postpartum, fluctuating up and down and never returning to my previously healthy, fit state. I realized I couldn’t do it alone, and I began training with Amy a few months ago. Having someone believe in me and push me to do better, at times when I didn’t even believe in myself, made all of the difference. I progressed from hating exercise to craving it and went from using my exhaustion as an avoidance technique to working out to combat the fatigue. Amy’s smile, humor and tireless drive are contagious!

Making the change from a sedentary daily routine to a healthy lifestyle has had a wonderful impact on all aspects of my well-being. Over the course of the past few months I have noticed significant physical changes. My body looks better, I’ve begun trimming down in stubborn areas, have muscle definition returning and my energy levels have skyrocketed. All of these things, however, have taken a back seat to the improvement in my mentality. I heard myself change from ‘I can’t do it’ to ‘Let’s do this’ in every aspect of life. I hadn’t realized the massive affect Amy would have on my entire life and I am so immensely grateful to have begun this journey with her! She is a constant example of what community should be, and I would recommend her Personal Sessions to anyone and everyone." ~Jennine, Sept. 2015 (FIT4MOM client since March 2015)