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"I love it all" »

Erica B., February 2017

“FIT4MOM has made me stronger than I ever believed I could be. I was not the best student at first...I did not think I could do what they asked of me...slowly, and with the support of the amazing coaches and the ladies in the class, I was stronger every class. I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone, and the rewards are priceless. ‘Mom Strong’...I love it all all now.” ~ Erica B (client since September 2015)


"Body Back--it is more like 'get me back'!" »

Chandra, FIT4MOM client since Sept. 2015 & Body Back alumn

"Body back-- it is more like "get me back!" Combining challenging workouts, inspirational and encouraging lessons and a team of supportive women, this class has it all! At the top of the list is the instructor! She knows just how much to push and how to customize the program to meet individual goals! Her positive energy and sincerity...she has truly found her passion! I can't wait for the next session to start!!! I should add, by the way, that I lost over 5 inches from my body!! All while staying true to me-- learning healthier and sustainable eating habits!!!" ~ Chandra, November 2015

FIT4MOM Chapel Hill Personal Sessions

"I recommend Personal Sessions to anyone and everyone" »

Jennine, FIT4MOM client since March 2015

"Having gained a substantial amount of weight during my pregnancy, I have struggled for the past two years postpartum, fluctuating up and down and never returning to my previously healthy, fit state. I realized I couldn’t do it alone, and I began training with Amy a few months ago. Having someone believe in me and push me to do better, at times when I didn’t even believe in myself, made all of the difference. I progressed from hating exercise to craving it and went from using my exhaustion as an avoidance technique to working out to combat the fatigue. Amy’s smile, humor and tireless drive are contagious!

Making the change from a sedentary daily routine to a healthy lifestyle has had a wonderful impact on all aspects of my well-being. Over the course of the past few months I have noticed significant physical changes. My body looks better, I’ve begun trimming down in stubborn areas, have muscle definition returning and my energy levels have skyrocketed. All of these things, however, have taken a back seat to the improvement in my mentality. I heard myself change from ‘I...

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Stroller Strides Testimonials »

"Where has Stroller Strides been all my life?! I never felt like I was getting the best overall workout at a gym and the smells kept me away; Stroller Strides has every muscle moving and working and I'm breathing fresh air. I leave feeling refreshed and yes, sore, but I feel so good afterwards. I love that my child is with me and watching me and the other moms workout, she's learning a lot about exercise and empowerment- so am I." ~ D'Arcy , March 2015 (FIT4MOM client since March 2015)

"I always thought I'd never want to do a "mom"exercise class especially with my kids in tow. In fact, I said before that I didn't want a double stroller because I wanted exercise to be my time and I certainly didn't want to bring 2 kids along. Well...now I'm loving that mom exercise class and I'm really enjoying bringing my kids along! It's so nice to be around other moms who just get it. Amy, thanks for bringing such an awesome program to our community and cultivating such a wonderful, supportive group of women. I'm sure you don't always feel like it but your motivating spirit is always...


"Body Back was exactly what I needed!" »

Jen, FIT4MOM client since Sept. 15 and Body Back Alum

"Body Back was exactly what I needed to kick start a regular exercise regime. Amy is an incredible and inspirational teacher who combines the right amount of "boot camp" spirit with high-fives and motivational speeches. The women in this class were equally as wonderful - always encouraging and ready to celebrate one another's successes. Thank you Amy!!" ~Jen, November 2015

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Instructor & Franchisee of the Year »

FIT4MOM National 2015 Award Nominations

"Amy is one of the most motivating and positive women I have ever met. Her energy is contagious! She makes every member of the class push themselves with her encouragement and support. She has made me want to work harder and continually strive to improve my fitness. I credit Amy to getting me back in running shape and 5lbs below where I was when I got pregnant. Amy truly cares about each and every Mom (and their kids) in her class." ~ Julia, August 2015 (FIT4MOM client since March 2015)

"Amy began as my Stroller Strides instructor and helped me to go from a couch surfer to active again. When I struggled with NC temps and humidity, we began doing personal training sessions and Amy has made such an absolute difference for me. Physically, I've seen and felt the changes in my body, but mentally, she's helped me to regain my strong, empowered attitude and lifted my spirits all around. Her positive attitude and welcoming spirit is intoxicating - it makes you want to go workout." ~ Jennine, August 2015 (FIT4MOM client since March 2015)

"She is a phenomenal leader. Her...