Ready, Set, 2021!

It’s nearly 2021. FINALLY.

Many of us go into a New Year with clear eyes and fresh hearts. We buy the planners and the calendars, join the gyms, and buy all the vegetables in the grocery store. We set a bazillion alarms on our phones to go to sleep earlier, wake up earlier, remind us to drink our water and change the laundry. We set goals, get motivated, and start strong.

So….why then, do so many of us throw in the towel on our goals by the end of January?! The problem is often linked to setting an outcome goal instead of a process goal.

In his book Smart Change, Dr. Art Markman says, “the most typical goal people pursue is an outcome goal. It refers to a specific state that you hope to reach in the future (like running a 10 minute-mile). The second type of goal is a process goal that focuses on a set of actions you can perform.” If you choose to set process goals, your focus is on the regularly attainable actions. And here’s the cool part, as a side effect of those actions, you’ll likely achieve your big picture outcome.

Setting process goals is a little different to setting outcome goals. Set small goals around what you hope to do on a regular basis. For example, instead of setting a big wellness goal (get stronger), set small daily goals (exercise for 10 minutes a day).

Some call this “doing the work”. Doing the work becomes habits, but for now, just focus on the mindset of actionable process goals.

You’ve got this, Mama!