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How to Get Your Self Care MoJo Back

The other week during a tele-health visit, my therapist asked what I had been doing for self care. “Well, today I drank water and had toast for breakfast,” I said. “Okay,” she replied. “So, bread and water. You can do better.” I laughed, but she was right.

The list of things you take care of (helping your kids with school, feeding your family, answering work emails)...where are YOU on the list?

Perhaps your wellness routine came to a grinding halt mid-March. Or maybe you’re waiting for “things to go back to normal” or for your favorite workout class to resume.

Here’s the thing: your health isn’t canceled. Staying healthy and taking great care of ourselves is vital during COVID. If you’re searching high and low for motivation, here are three tips to get you started:

1) Get serious about non-negotiable daily self care habits. I’m not talking about a spa day or binge watching an entire Netflix series in one sitting (although both are awesome). I’m talking about minimum daily Must Do’s for your well-being, such as eating vegetables, moving your body, and drinking water.

2) Divide your daily “To Do” list into buckets. I divide my daily tasks into three buckets: Family, Work, and Self. I noticed the Family and Work buckets were hearty...but my Self bucket was nearly bare. I’ve had to equalize the number of To Do’s for each bucket and will myself to complete self-care.

3) Be accountable to a group of people. Whether it’s sharing daily achievements with friends or showing up regularly to a virtual workout, set yourself up for success. Find a program or coach who will help you get and stay on track. Here are some ideas to try: Body Well® starts next week. Stroller Strides® meets on Thursdays. Virtual Yoga returns Wednesdays. Run Club members are doing “Self Care September”.

There’s no right answer for how to take care of yourself during COVID. But it’s imperative to your mental, emotional, and physical health that you make YOU a priority. Find something that motivates you; earn yourself bonus perks if it sprinkles positivity and joy into your life.💗