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6 Tips to Make the Holidays Magical (for Mom)!

This is “the most wonderful time of the year”, but it can also be the most STRESSFUL for so many mamas. We’re here to help streamline your holiday to-do list! Check out our tips for keeping #allthestress at bay from now until the end of the year!

1. Make a “what is most important” list. You WILL burn out if you try to drag your family to every single train ride, breakfast with Santa, light show, dinner, concert, performance, holiday party, hayride, and school event. Don't do it, mama. I know, it can be tempting. But sit down with your gang and make a list of what events are most important to YOUR family. You'll feel more at-ease knowing that you've only got a sprinkling of holiday commitments on the calendar. Plus, it leaves you more time for fun last-minute play dates or cookie-decorating parties!

2. Keep a bedtime schedule (to the best of your ability). If you're traveling for the holidays, you may not have too much control over this. But trust me. The holiday season can be A LOT for kiddos. The sugar, the visual stimulation, the family coming over, the no school, the car rides, the shopping and rushing around... if you can keep their bedtime routine as close to "normal" as possible, you're more likely to have a happy camper when you decide to take that sixteenth family selfie in front of the Thanksgiving turkey.

3. Decorate your home accordingly. Do you have a speed-crawling curious baby at home? Probably best to keep ornaments off the bottom branches of your Christmas tree. Do you have a beautiful collection of Swarovski crystal figurines that you love to display this time of year? Keep them up high, far away from grabby toddlers. Basically, don’t spend an entire month saying “no, don’t touch that!” Also, be mindful of lit candles (or just go flameless!), poinsettia plants that are toxic if ingested, hanging garland, and the answer is YES, your baby WILL try to eat those little pine needles that are falling off your tree. So vacuum often! (I keep a handheld vacuum nearby for easy cleanup!)

4. Cook and bake with your kiddos. If one of your family traditions is making and decorating cookies, let your little ones help! It's going to be messy, but mama, try to embrace it and enjoy the magic of the moment through THEIR eyes. Guess what! There are SO many adorable aprons for toddlers and kids out there now! Some places will even personalize them for you. (Can you say early gift idea? That way your kiddo can wear it WHILE you bake together!)

5. Go on a holiday date night. Now isn't necessarily the time to plan an elaborate and fancy night out. You've got enough going on, mama! It’s not uncommon to feel distant from your partner during this busy time of year. Make your relationship a priority! Think about your vibe as a couple and choose something laid-back that fits your style. Jazz on a rooftop bar? A cooking class? Dinner and a movie? Driving around to look at holiday lights? A trip to the mall for window-shopping? A brewery tour? Maybe all you really want is to cuddle up on the couch with your partner and watch “Love, Actually”. I mean, isn’t that what everyone wants?!

6. Prioritize yourself. Get that workout in. Drink #allthewater. Check in with your village. We ALL want you to succeed, but YOU have to choose to put yourself first. Schedule your FIT4MOM workouts in advance, before the craziness starts!