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A Note From Our Owner

When George Floyd called out for his Mama, we all heard it. We are a community of deeply motivated human beings with heavy hearts - not just a fitness brand for mothers.

The murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and far too many others, are tragic and were preventable. As a community, we mourn for their loss, our hearts ache for their families, and we stand together ready to work for change.

As mothers, we are the leaders in our homes. We have the ability to make sure that tomorrow is better than today, when our children are leaders.

As women, we are leaders in our places of work, volunteer organizations, and neighborhoods. We have the opportunity to create or uphold policies that influence our community.

As an organization, we will use our platform for positive change. We will:

  • Incorporate implicit bias training into our Continuing Education.
  • Share educational resources, tools, and educational materials with our FIT4MOM community.
  • Facilitate discussions for personal and parental growth.
  • Speak up for the Black community.
  • Use our FIT4MOM core values of love, inclusion, and the Ripple Effect.
  • Do the hard work ourselves and encourage members of our networks to join us.

Together, we will be a part of positive change. We will raise kind humans who know Black Lives Matter.

With Love,

Amy Rosso